Information Poster

tz235_final info posterSketches:

Research Points: (I plan to use data from Matt Brueing’s article, “The Top 10% of White Families Own Almost Everything,”

  • Who Owns All The Stuff (2013)
  • Mean Family Wealth by Race (2013)
  • Median Family Wealth by Race (2013)
  • National Wealth Share by Race (2013)
  • Distribution of White Wealth Among Whites (2013)


Design Brief:

Systemic Racism is the focus for the information poster I am designing for this project. The target audience is directed at ages 18-60+. I envision this poster being displayed in public areas such as transportation hubs/stops, schools, and public libraries. Systemic Racism is an important issue especially with the current climate in our country. The riot in Charlottesville, Virginia is just one example of the posturing occurring by an Alternative Right Wing Movement that greatly concerns me and threatens the values of our country, and quite frankly, our democracy as well. I believe that is important for myself and others to accept that there is systemic racism and educate themselves in order to stand up and speak out against it. My design will involve illustrations (possibly as background with low opacity) surrounded by statistics pictured in graphs outlining data regarding various areas of systemic racism. I am interested in creating bold graphic designs such as Bertold Loffler and his production of Fiedermaus and cover for Plakatenwurfe aus der Schule Bertold Loiffer. The design will consist of power bold images and colors to make the poster dynamic and eye catching. I also hope to play around with scale and use some graphics to help visually portray a statistic by their size.



‘I Can’t Breathe’ Examines Modern Policing And The Life And Death Of Eric Garner : NPR

The Top 10% of White Families Own Almost Everything | Demos

Works Cited

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