Information Poster

Sketches: Research Points: (I plan to use data from Matt Brueing’s article, “The Top 10% of White Families Own Almost Everything,” Who Owns All The Stuff (2013) Mean Family Wealth by Race (2013) Median Family Wealth by Race (2013) National Wealth Share by Race (2013) Distribution of White Wealth Among Whites (2013)   Design Brief: SystemicContinue reading “Information Poster”

Typographer Bio Card

Adrian Frutiger Frutiger is widely accepted to be one of the most influential typeface artists of our time.  He began his career as a typesetter in Interlaken near the Swiss village of Unterssen where he was born in 1928.  Through his lifetime, Frutiger witnessed the evolution of type from he setting of metal letters intoContinue reading “Typographer Bio Card”